The place To Discover Each Reward In Mission 6: Covenant Of Neon White

The place To Discover Each Reward In Mission 6: Covenant Of Neon White

Neon White’s sixth mission is one thing of an escalation. These are a number of the most deviously tough platforming sections within the sport. Nevertheless it is not simply the platforming that’s tremendous difficult about these ranges: it’s also the present placement. Considered one of this mission’s favourite methods is to position the current in view from the beginning place, solely to have you ever go on a wild goose chase as a way to acquire stated current. That is proper, they’re taunting us now.


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A giant a part of what makes these levels so difficult are the brand new demon varieties: the tripwire demon and the landmine demon. The tripwire do not play an enormous function in your current searching endeavors, however the landmine demons function as a dynamic launching pad, which suggests they are going to completely play a job in buying a few of these tucked-away treasures. However fear not, we’re more than pleased to information you thru these trials and tribulations.

Hanging Gardens

Proceed the stage as you usually would. Nonetheless, when you attain the section with the 2 Assault Rifles: cease. Seize each assault rifles and switch round. For those who search for, you need to see the present. There are two smaller constructions that lead on to it. Simply use the assault rifle’s discard capacity to bomb leap your approach as much as the highest of these constructions. Voila, you are actually the proud proprietor of a Tattletail Toy.


This present is sitting on high of the construction on the very finish of the stage. With the intention to get to it, you will want to have two shotguns. So, start the stage as you usually would. Proceed till you attain your first pink door. Then cease! Do not blow by means of that door; save the shotgun and leap out the window to the left of it. Now, take out the enemies huddled across the treasure chest beneath. Open that chest and you need to have two shotguns.

From right here, sprint from balloon demon to balloon demon whereas taking out the tripwire demons. When you make it to the touchdown on the high (the place there may be one other shotgun), leap again into the part the place you simply had been and use the shotgun discards to fireside your self excessive up into the air. You’ll land on high of this large construction and have the ability to seize the Fortunate Cat Statue. Phew!

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It is a difficult, difficult present. It’s truly above you once you begin the extent. Nonetheless, it’s simply out of attain. So, what you should do is preserve your sniper rifles. Meaning not utilizing these discard skills. Don’t fret about taking out all of the tripwire demons, simply shoot the one that’s aiming on the pink door firstly with the intention to go by means of.

On the spot the place you get the handgun, look to your left. Now, hop up right here utilizing the handgun’s double leap capacity. You’ll now be on a complete different ground. Head to the suitable facet of this part and climb up the objects. At this level, you need to have the ability to see the present floating within the distance. By discarding each of your sniper rifles, it is possible for you to to spice up proper to it. You’ll seize one other a kind of coveted Tattletail Toys.


With the intention to get this present you will want to finish your complete stage. After you have cleared out all of the enemies within the closing part, search for a merchandising machine. It can have two handguns. Seize each of them. You must now have three handguns in complete.

Flip round and head again to the place you got here from. Simply discard every handgun to make the hole throughout every time, aiming for the best platform you may attain on the suitable, and you’ll in a short time be within the line of sight of the current. Use your closing handgun discard to hop on over to it. You’ll seize the Cigars.


Firstly of the stage, seize the shotgun and shoot the pink barrel. Then, use the enormous explosion to curve your approach round to the again of the enormous tower. We’re in search of a pink trapdoor within the again part. As soon as you discover it, use the shotgun’s discard capacity to blast by means of it. Presto, you will get the Fragrance.


Regardless of this current being as clear as day on the very starting of the stage, you will want to finish your complete degree as a way to get to it. Which is a little bit tousled. Simply end your complete stage as you usually would. Nonetheless, as soon as you might be on the platform with the ultimate landmine demon, and are going through the extent exit, the realm to your proper is the place you need to go.

You’ll have a shotgun at this level. So, use its discard capacity to get on the roof of the constructing the place this degree began. Now, it is possible for you to to easily leap down and declare your current.


When you acquire the 2 assault rifle playing cards, leap on the inexperienced part of the landmine that the canal leads you to. Nonetheless, with the subsequent landmine, you need to hit the part that’s pointing northwest (out of your perspective). Seek the advice of the above image for a little bit extra readability on that one. This can ship you flying towards this stage’s present. Do every little thing accurately and you need to now have the Fortunate Cat Statue in your possession.

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Put together

Proceed this stage as you usually would. After you have slammed down on the primary blue demon, observe the canal to the tip and look to your left. You will note the current within the distance. Now, leap on the part of the landmine demon that’s pointing at the moment to let it propel you towards your prize, then use the discard capacity of the sniper rifle to take you the remainder of the best way.


After the part close to the tip of the stage the place you’re taking out a blue demon, proceed down the canal and take out the yellow demon. However do not progress an inch additional. As a substitute, return to the place you killed the blue demon.

Now, if you happen to look throughout the best way, you will notice the current within the distance. Hop up onto the close by construction and get as shut to the current as you may. From there, leap in direction of it and use your handgun and sniper rifle discards to cross the hole. You’ll now have your self a Six Pack.


This stage is a fairly intense platinum medal to realize, however the present is a complete breeze. This current is hovering above and to the left of the destructible door round midway by means of the stage. All you should do is get on its degree.

So, backtrack till you discover a platform low sufficient you could leap on it. Then make your approach towards the prize. After you have made it as shut as you may to the current, simply leap throughout the hole and use the sniper rifle’s discard capacity to sprint into it. This Tattletale toy is extraordinarily straightforward to acquire.

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