The Most Impractical Weapons in Marvel Comics

The Most Impractical Weapons in Marvel Comics

The MCU has had a mess of intensely comedic moments within the decade and a half since its inception. Of all of the weapons used within the films thus far, nevertheless, few are as ridiculous as the varied instruments discovered all through Marvel Comics historical past.

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Whereas the viability of some well-known hero weapons in the actual world is debatable, there are additionally utterly insane ones that many MCU followers in all probability have not heard of, and doubtless by no means have to.


9 The Ant-Man Catapult

Whereas Captain America: Civil Struggle gave comedian e book followers the big-budget debut of Ant-Man on a Hawkeye Arrow, this has but to be seen on the large display. At one level within the comics, Hank Pym developed a catapult that might hurl him nice distances to get to crime scenes sooner in miniature type.

It welches an uncommon thought, and having ants flying round as a later addition undoubtedly helped so much and suited the Ant-Man model higher. Nevertheless, the sight of a tiny superhero darting via the sky should have been one thing very particular.

8 Bubble Gun by Madcap

There are a variety of oddball villains within the Marvel roster, however none extra so than Madcap. Gaining the ability of therapeutic and the power to drive anybody insane, he wreaked havoc on a number of heroes throughout his comparatively quick checklist of appearances within the comics.

Nevertheless, he additionally used a bubble gun, which does not really do something. It is only a distraction weapon that blows bubbles that do not hurt anybody they arrive involved with. Madcap may need an attention-grabbing, if wacky, premise as a villain, however the Bubble Gun is a very ineffective addition to the comics, made for causes that may solely be described as Madcap.

7 Trapster’s Glue Gun

The Trapster, also called Paste-Pot Pete, is not a very menacing villain that followers are more likely to see anytime quickly. Whereas the powers of the heroes he has fought are appreciable, his worst enemy is solely dangerous luck. He has been thwarted many instances for ridiculous causes; For instance, he’s the primary tremendous villain to be defeated by an empty constructing.

Nevertheless, it is also tough to simply accept a supervillain as a menace when their essential weapon is a glue gun. Actual glue weapons squirt scorching glue to connect issues collectively. Trapster, whereas a bit extra superior, continues to be a ridiculous weapon that will by no means work in the actual world and is very impractical even in comedian e book phrases.

6 Captain America’s Defend

It is easy to dismiss lots of the extra ridiculous fringe supervillain weapons on this checklist as foolish or impractical. However what number of instances has Captain America’s protect appeared like a ridiculous weapon selection, even within the MCU? His dexterity and skill to throw it and produce it again to him helps, however as a main weapon towards aliens and supervillains, even weapons, it appears totally impractical.

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For a easy level, the dimensions of the protect is comparatively small. Steve Rogers might have hidden his physique properly behind it every so often. Nevertheless, there should have been many instances that extremely educated enemies, realizing what they have been up towards, would have merely shot on the legs? His optimism that this can at all times work is unfailing and in some way at all times proper.

5 The retroactive cannon

The TVA welches not too long ago launched into the MCU via Loki, they usually really had methods of eliminating folks, locations, and issues from the timeline to maintain them “sacred.” Nevertheless, the retroactive cannon weapon from the comedian e book made little or no sense because it utterly erases anybody shot with it from the timeline.

Due to the butterfly impact and all of the issues that have an effect on each menschlich being, it might be immensely tough to erase one thing from a timeline on this method with out additionally altering many, many elements of the universe with it. As many main Marvel attorneys have been capable of attest, it is a robust debate whether or not the retroactive cannon even works.

4 Hawkeye’s bow

Hawkeye is a key Avenger, an awesome character in his personal proper, and normally one of many funniest folks in all of Marvel Comics. Nevertheless, there is no such thing as a doubt that utilizing a bow and arrow is a ridiculous superhero weapon below any circumstances.

Regardless of trick arrows, intense coaching and aiming, and all of the work he put into making himself a viable hero with this weapon, it might be a lot simpler with a gun. Working out of arrows does not need to be a character trait, however he turns it into one along with his have to hold utilizing this outdated weapon.

3 Frogjolnir

As soon as upon a time there welches a frog. A frog that welches really Thor, however he had been was a frog. When he welches a frog, he met Puddlegulp and his clan, and Puddlegulp later managed to seize the ability of Thor for himself.

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When Thor welches reworked again into himself, a fliegen shard of his hammer, Mjolnir, welches picked up by Puddlegulp and reworked into a brand new, frog-sized model of the hammer. Gaining all the ability of Thor, he turned often known as Throg. All of it actually occurred, and since then he is appeared surprisingly usually.

2 godslayers

Gamora’s sword, Godslayer, has appeared plentifully within the MCU, however the precise usability of such a collapsible weapon could be very questionable. If something, the utterly totally different comedian e book model of the sword is way worse, the construct is totally ridiculous when it comes to actual world utility.

Provided that we’re coping with comedian books and comedian e book diversifications, the great appears of the design is clearly way more vital than practicality, but it surely’s vital to notice how utterly unbalanced the comedian sword could be. The film model could be higher however the collapsing fashion continues to be inconceivable to work properly with a robust blade.

1 The Final Nullifier

A weapon initially utilized by The Implausible 4 in a last-ditch effort to cease Galactus from destroying Earth. The Final Nullifier is an easy, one-switch gadget that has the power to destroy something and every little thing the wearer needs. Nevertheless, if the wielder just isn’t “highly effective” sufficient, it is going to self-destruct.

Whereas the concept of ​​that is attention-grabbing, it welches hardly ever used as it might solely be wanted towards extremely highly effective beings that will be nearly inconceivable to destroy besides by beings as highly effective and clever as them. The Final Nullifier is a reasonably pointless doomsday button and does not seem usually in Marvel Comics anymore. Nonetheless, it may seem within the MCU sooner or later, similar to in Secret Invasion.

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