Pokemon Animation Exhibits Creepy Interplay With Marowak

Pokemon Animation Exhibits Creepy Interplay With Marowak

A Pokemon fan creates an animation that showcases a creepy interplay between a coach and the ground-type Pokemon Marowak.

Marowak is a ground-type Pokemon launched in Pokemon Crimson and Inexperienced in 1996. The evolution of Cubone, this Pokemon’s declare to fame is a brutal and somber story centering round its demise by the hands of Workforce Rocket. Leaving its child alone on this planet whereas it haunts the Pokemon Tower in Lavender City.

This story has impressed a number of Pokemon fan artists to provide their very own creepy content material across the creature. Whereas some produce digital artwork of Marowak or craft sculptures for different creepy-looking Pokemon, one Pokemon fan determined to showcase the fear of encountering the Bone keeper Pokemon when out within the wild.


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A content material creator on TikTok by the identify of Revival produced a 3D animated brief video demonstrating an encounter with Marowak. The video sees a coach in a desolate wasteland spot the Marowak from behind a rock they’ve hidden behind. Marowak takes discover of the coach whereas they work up the braveness to throw a Nice Ball on the Pokemon. Nevertheless, earlier than the coach can try the seize, they’re hit by a thrown bone because the video cuts out.

The video itself options no background music; as a substitute, viewers will solely hear the ambient sounds of buzzing bugs and the heavy respiratory of the coach. Whereas this is without doubt one of the newer movies produced by Revival, this content material creator has not solely created a video for Marowak’s pre-evolution Cubone however, a number of different animations for different Pokemon comparable to Gengar, Snorlax, and the Legendary Pokemon Mew.

One thing followers could admire about Revival’s animations is their unsettling nature. Whereas the Pokemon franchise is aimed towards youthful audiences, points of the video games might be perceived as sinister. Pokemon comparable to Hypno is the topic of many web horror tales and creepypastas that some Pokemon followers take pleasure in sharing. This may be seen via official materials in addition to the Pokedex, which has grow to be considerably notorious for a number of of its entries describing the horrifying habits of particular Pokemon. Revival’s movies take that underlying horror and push it to the floor to show what encounters with these monsters may very well be like.

It’s unlikely the official Pokemon franchise will ever commit to creating the pocket monsters totally creepy as a consequence of them needing to stay as marketable as doable. Nonetheless, it seems some followers will discover their area of interest in that nook of the Pokemon fanbase, designing content material that shows the sinister and terrifying facet of the Pokemon world.

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