Genshin Influence Yelan launch date, banner, and extra

Genshin Influence Yelan launch date, banner, and extra

Genshin Influence‘s Yelan has been a extremely anticipated character ever since followers caught their first glimpse of her identify. She then made an exciting look throughout our first journey into the depths of the Genshin Influence Chasm, the place she shot an arrow proper by our hearts (metaphorically, in fact).

The attractive, hydro bow-wielding, girl of luck, Genshin Influence’s Yelan  is lastly right here, and her eagerly awaited arrival has actually made a splash. Should you’ve rolled the cube and managed to snag her and need to know how one can take advantage of her highly effective abilities, you’re in the suitable place. Our Yelan construct goes over the most effective artifacts, weapons, group comps, and extra.

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Genshin Influence Yelan information

When is Genshin Influence Yelan’s banner?

Genshin Influence Yelan’s banner known as Discerner of Enigmas, and began Might 31, 2022. It runs concurrently with Genshin Influence Xiao‘s rerun banner. As Hoyoverse has said that 2.7 will run for six weeks, we estimate that her banner will finish round June 21.

You’ll find out extra concerning the present and subsequent Genshin Influence banners proper right here on Pocket Ways.

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Who’s Genshin Influence’s Yelan?

Genshin Influence’s Yelan is a mysterious girl who claims to work for the Ministry of Civil Affairs, however is classed as a ‘non-entity’ on their checklist. She runs a teahouse in Liyue, and is liked by all of her patrons as a result of her top-notch social abilities. Nevertheless, she’s recognized to have many alternative faces, and depends on performing to mix seamlessly into completely different social settings.

Her hobbies are to dwell life at random, and rolling the cube to resolve what to do subsequent. With regards to meals and drinks, she likes to grind dried Jeuyun Chilis and Violetgrass Stemans right into a powder, then combine them with Yulani White Tea leaves, brewing it into a robust, aromatic tea, claiming she prefers drinks like this with a long-lasting aftertaste versus espresso and spirits.

Yelan wears a bracelet on her proper hand which incorporates a kind of magic utilized by her clan. It will possibly ship easy messages that are buried within the ‘blue gentle’, which solely she will be able to decipher.

She is an avid traveller, and has been throughout all of the seven nations of Teyvat – and he or she’s even spent a while within the Abyss. You possibly can discover out extra about this attractive, mysterious girl within the upcoming Story Quest, Umbrabilis Orchis Chapter: Act I, the place some thrilling secrets and techniques can be unveiled.

Check out her introductory tweet from the official Genshin Influence Twitter under.

“I acquired a brand new letter from an informant. Seems just like the scenario has modified once more.”

Good day Vacationers~ Right this moment, we can be introducing a brand new character, Yelan!

See Full Particulars >>> #Yelan

— Genshin Influence (@GenshinImpact) Might 25, 2022

What’s the most effective Genshin Influence Yelan construct?

Genshin Influence’s Yelan excels in a sub-DPS function, although she can be used as a major DPS. She’s a hydro bow person whose skills assist fill within the downtime between major DPS assaults, and her elemental burst instantly will increase an lively character’s private injury.

Nevertheless, she has a excessive elemental burst value which is just fixable together with her C1 constellation, and the hydro software of her elemental burst may be considerably inconsistent with out her C2 constellation.

She was heralded as extraordinarily sturdy in the course of the beta testing part, however we’ll need to see how she performs now that she’s totally launched. We’ll make sure you replace this information after we’ve gotten extra accustomed to the most effective Yelan construct.

What’s Genshin Influence Yelan’s finest weapon?

No matter whether or not you need to use her as a DPS or sub-DPS, her finest weapon is Aqua Simulacra. It’s a brand new, five-star bow that was designed together with her in thoughts, and each its crit injury base stat and ability are nice property to her.

Polar Star is one other nice, five-star alternative for her in each roles, as a result of its crit charge stat and the assault increase of its ability.

Should you’re in search of a extra reasonably priced choices, they differ relying on what function you need to construct her for. Mouun’s Moon is the most effective four-star bow for major DPS Yelan, whereas Favonius Warbow is the most effective four-star bow for sub-DPS Yelan.

Easy methods to receive
Aqua Simulacra
Bonus impact: +crit injury%
Ability: will increase HP by 16%. When there are opponents close by, Yelan’s injury is enhance by 20%. This takes impact whether or not the character is on-field or not
Polar Star
Bonus impact: +crit charge%
Ability: will increase elemental ability and elemental burst injury by 12%. After a traditional assault, charged assault, elemental ability, or elemental burst hits an enemy, acquire one stack of Ashen Nightstar for 12 seconds. When 1/2/3/4 stacks of Ashen Nightstar are current, Yelan’s assault will increase by 10/20/30/48%
Mouun’s Moon
Bonus impact: +assault%
Ability: for each level of your complete get together’s mixed most power capability, Yelan’s elemental burst injury is elevated by 0.12%. A most of 40% elevated elemental burst injury may be gained this fashion
Favonius Warbow
Bonus impact: +power recharge%
Ability: crit hits have a 40% likelihood to generate a small quantity of elemental particles, which regenerate six power for Yelan. Can solely happen as soon as each 12 seconds

What are the most effective Genshin Influence Yelan artifacts?

No matter which function you need to put her in, the most effective Genshin Influence Yelan artifact set is well Emblem of Severed Destiny, as a result of its power recharge and elemental burst injury boosts. Nevertheless, you’ll be able to combine two items of Noblesse Oblige with two items of Emblem of Severed destiny for a flat enhance to each stats as an alternative.

Should you’ve not gotten your arms on the above units but, you should utilize The Exile within the meantime.

Easy methods to receive
Emblem of Severed Destiny
Two geared up: will increase power recharge by 20%
4 geared up: will increase elemental burst injury by 25% of power recharge. A most of 75% bonus injury may be obtained this fashion
Momiji-Dyed Courtroom area
Emblem of Severed Destiny and Noblesse Oblige
Two EoSF: will increase power recharge by 20%
Two NO: will increase elemental burst injury by 20%
EOSF from Momiji-Dyed Courtroom area, NO from Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern Area or the Noblesse Oblige artifact strongboxes
The Exile
Two geared up: will increase power recharge by 20%
4 geared up: utilizing Yelan’s elemental burst regenerates two power for all get together members (excluding Yelan) each two seconds for six seconds
Enemy and boss drops

Artifact stat and sub-stat suggestions

Essential stats:

Sands: HP% or power recharge
Goblet: hydro injury bonus
Circlet: crit charge or crit injury


Power recharge
Crit charge/crit injury

Attempt to keep a 2:1 ratio between crit injury and crit charge, together with your crit injury being double your crit charge. We additionally advocate getting Yelan’s power recharge to about 140% for DPS, and 180% for sub-DPS. After all, extra power recharge is at all times good, however something over 200-220% isn’t actually needed.

What are Genshin Influence Yelan’s talents?

Yelan’s Lively talents

Yelan regular assault

Stealthy Bowshot
Launch 4 consecutive pictures with a bow, dashing backwards over the past two hits
Stealthy Bowshot (charged)
When you intention, flowing water accumulates across the arrowhead, inflicting hydro injury on hit
Stealthy Bowshot (plunging)
Hearth off a bathe of arrows mid-air, earlier than falling to the bottom and inflicting AoE injury

Yelan Elemental Ability

Lingering Lifeline
Hearth a lifeline that pulls you alongside quickly, dragging in and marking any enemies in its path. When your speedy motion ends, the lifeline explodes, dealing hydro injury to the marked opponents primarily based on Yelan’s max HP

Yelan Elemental Burst

Depth-Clarion Cube
Deal AoE hydro injury whereas additionally creating an ‘Beautiful Throw’ which aids you in battle, with an 18 second cooldown. Beautiful Throw follows your character round, initiating a coordinated assault that offers hydro injury primarily based on Yelan’s max HP. This could happen as soon as each second when your lively character makes use of a traditional assault, and happens every time Yelan’s Lifeline explodes and hits enemies

Yelan’s Passive talents

Prolonged Consideration
Achieve 25% extra rewards if Yelan is dispatched on a Liyue Expedition for 20 hours
Flip Management
When your get together has one/two/three/4 elemental sorts, Yelan’s max HP is elevated by 6%/12%/18%/30%
Adapt with Ease
When an Beautiful Throw is in play, your lively character offers 1% extra injury. This will increase by an additional 3.5% injury each second. Harm may be elevated by a most of fifty%

What are Yelan’s constellations?

Listed below are all of Yelan’s constellations. After all, to get a constellation, you’ll need to roll the cube and pull multiple copy of this beautiful girl, so good luck!

C1 – Taking All Comers
For every opponent marked by your Lifeline, Yelan restores seven power. You possibly can restore a most of 21 power for Yelan per Lingering Lifeline
C2 – Enter the Plotters
Lingering Lifeline positive factors one extra cost
C3 – Vendor’s Sleight
Will increase the extent of Lingering Lifeline by three. Max improve stage is 15
C4 – Bait and Change
Will increase the injury of Beautiful Throw’s coordinated assault by 30%
C5 – Beware the Trickster’s Cube
Will increase the extent of Depth-Clarion Cube by three. Max improve stage is 15
C6 – Winner Takes All
After you employ Yelan’s elemental burst, she enters the mastermind state. On this state all of her regular assaults develop into Breakthrough Barbs and deal 130% further injury

What are Genshin Influence Yelan’s ascension supplies?

Yelan Ascension supplies

Ascension supplies
One Varunada Lazurite Sliver, three Recruit’s Insignia, three Starconch
Three Varunada Lazurite Fragment, 15 Recruit’s Insignia, ten Starconch, two Runic Fang
Six Varunada Lazurite Fragment, 12 Sergeant’s Insignia, 20 Starconch, 4 Runic Fang
Three Varunada Lazurite Chunk, 18 Sergeant’s Insignia, 30 Starconch, eight Runic Fang
Six Varunada Lazurite Chunk, 12 Lieutenant’s Insignia, 45 Starconch, 12 Runic Fang
Six Varunada Lazurite Gemstone, 24 Lieutenant’s Insignia, 60 Starconch, 20 Runic Fang

Yelan expertise stage up supplies

Three Teachings of Prosperity, six Recruit’s Insignia
Two Information to Prosperity, three Sergeant’s Insignia
4 Information to Prosperity, 4 Sergeant’s Insignia
Six Information to Prosperity, six Sergeant’s Insignia
9 Information to Prosperity, 9 Sergeant’s Insignia
4 Philosophies of Prosperity, 4 Lieutenant’s Insignia, one Gilded Scale
Six Philosophies of Prosperity, six Lieutenant’s Insignia, one Gilded Scale
12 Philosophies of Prosperity, 9 Lieutenant’s Insignia, two Gilded Scale
16 Philosophies of Prosperity, 12 Lieutenant’s Insignia, two Gilded Scale, one Crown of Perception

Right here’s the place to seek out the supplies it is advisable to get Yelan in tip-top form.

Varunada Lazurite stones are dropped by the weekly bosses, Childe, Dvalin, and Azhdaha. You too can get them from the conventional bosses, Hydro Hypostasis, Primo Geovishap, and Rhodeia of Loch
Insignias are dropped by Fatui Skirmishers, Pyro Brokers, and Circin Mages
You’ll find Starconches on the seashores of Liyue
Runic Fangs drop from the Break Serpent Boss within the Genshin Influence Chasm
Prosperity Books come from the Tianshan Mansion Area on Mondays, Thursdays, and Sundays
Gilded Scales are dropped from stage 70+ Azdaha

What’s the most effective Genshin Influence Yelan group comp?

Should you’re utilizing Yelan as a major DPS, we advocate going for an electro-charged group.

Mix her with Genshin Influence’s Raiden, Genshin Influence’s Xingqiu, and Genshin Influence’s Kazuha for a group comp targeted on enabling Yelan to make use of her elemental go off settle down. She doesn’t want quite a lot of power recharge for this construct, however you must be certain that Xingqiu is provided with the Sacrificial Sword.

One other electro-charged group comp for major DPS Yelan consists of Genshin Influence’s Fischl, Genshin Influence’s Kokomi, and Genshin Influence’s Sucrose. This focuses on electro-charge reactions, with the welcome addition of Kokomi’s sturdy therapeutic. Remember to equip Sucrose with Viridescent Venerer to take advantage of this comp.

Sub-DPS Yelan works effectively in vaporize groups, particularly alongside Genshin Influence’s Hu Tao. Pair them up with Genshin Influence’s Bennett for heals and buffs, and Genshin Influence’s Sucrose for crowd management and resistance shred.

Alternatively, you’ll be able to put Yelan in a nationwide group alongside Genshin Influence’s Raiden, Genshin Influence’s Xiangling, and Genshin Influence’s Bennett. On this group, Yelan gives grate injury whereas Raiden’s burst is on cooldown.

Who’s Genshin Influence Yelan’s voice actor?

Hoyoverse introduced by the official Genshin Influence Twitter that the Yelan’s English voice actor is Laura Put up, and the Japanese voice actor is ENDŌ Aya.

Voice Artist Announcement

“Oh? You’d prefer to know extra about me? What’s going to you give in alternate, then?”

Vacationers, come hearken to the voice of “Valley Orchid” #Yelan!

Voice Artist
EN VA: Laura Put up

>> Click on to hear <<

— Genshin Influence (@GenshinImpact) Might 25, 2022

And that’s all we all know concerning the elusive character that’s Genshin Influence’s Yelan for the time being. Within the meantime, head over to our checklist of the most effective video games like Genshin Influence to seek out one thing contemporary to play.